How New Writers Can Use An Online Spellchecker

New author? Congratulations on finishing your manuscript. Now comes one of the most overlooked parts of writing – building a platform. The best way to do that and the first place to start, is with the creation of a professional looking website.

In the modern world of publishing, this is your face to the world. It needs to be perfect. Errors in grammar and spelling won’t lend much credibility and may turn off future agents, editors and readers. To prevent this, run any text your intend to post though an instant grammar check service online. They may catch things your normal processor would normally miss, especially when it comes to clauses, comma placement and possessive nouns.

Finally, there’s no reason to limit your use of a free grammar check service to just your website. By breaking your article, short story or manuscript into smaller chunks, you can copy and paste the text into an online spellchecker and instant grammar check service to find any previously overlooked mistakes. Remember, this is your one shot to make a great impression!